Short Professional Profile


Ron has over 35 years of experience as a consultant in strategic information systems and management consulting in general.

Although his early career was as an Applied Psychologist, he has worked predominantly as a Strategist, Analyst and Architect of major Information Systems. He is an accomplished ‘methodologist’, having developed, used and indeed coached many different methods, modelling techniques, and frameworks.

Ron has also managed a significant number of projects over the years and has advised on project management methods including early PRINCE.  Though his preferred role now is more problem solving and planing, particularly as advisor to and in direct support of IS and other executive management, assisting with strategic planning and troubleshooting.

Although Ron retains a strong interest in technology, particularly software development, his primary focus nowadays is probably more around getting business concepts and business processes right, ‘are we doing the right things, and are we doing them the right way’, managing information, managing the specification and design of information systems, of general business processes, and where appropriate, the business of IT.


Ron was a senior government officer (senior psychologist, MoD) in England for several years before his pioneering work on computer based training simulators resulted in his being head hunted into the private sector. He was initially engaged there in engineering real-time information systems, working for several major systems companies on leading-edge initiatives. He then went on to specialise in business analysis and design,  data management and modelling, operating his own boutique consulting firm, becoming a widely recognised exponent of structured methods and modelling techniques in England.

Since migrating to NZ in 1995, Ron has been a senior manager with Ernst and Young, (including a secondment as Director of IT at Income Support) a senior consultant with Synergy International, a principal consultant and business development manager with Baycorp, and an independent consultant for a number of years.

Ron’s abilities and experience have been best utilised in innovative change and solutions planning in direct support of senior management.  He can cite numerous examples throughout his career where his creative thought leadership has resulted in significant steps forward in enterprises achieving their strategic objectivesStartup initiatives have been a strong focus.

He has also gained a solid reputation for resolving distressed projects, in several cases facilitating the acceptable conclusion of  ‘difficult’ projects that have been meandering for years.

Over the years Ron has worked in a range of industry sectors, including government, banking and finance, health, defence and aerospace, and manufacturing.  Also in different countries, particularly in Europe and on international projects.

Since he was very young Ron has also had a strong interest in electronics and has used his knowledge and practical skills in this area, occasionally in a professional capacity and also as a part-time inventor!

He has an MSc in applied psychology, is a Chartered Engineer of Information Systems (CEng, and also a European Engineer, Eur Ing), a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP), and was until recently a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), from which he has retired to focus primarily on strategic business analysis and planning.


Career Summary

Independent Consultant                                  December 2005 – Present       

(Mindhut Limited)

GreenPulse Limited                                                    October 2002 – December 2005         

Consulting Partner

Baycorp Advantage                                                     April 2000 – October 2002     

Principal Consultant/BDM

Synergy International Limited                                  October 1997 – April 2000     

Senior Consultant

Ernst & Young (Wellington)                                November 1995 – October 1997        

Senior Manager

Emigrated from UK to NZ                                   November 1995          

Object Technology Associates                            September 1987 – April 1995 

Principal Consultant/Director

Swiss Bank Corporation International                  September 1987 – April 1988 

Enterprise Architect

Data Logic                                                         January 1986 – September 1987        

Senior Consultant

SystemSkill Ltd                                                   1983 – 1986   

Team Leader/Analyst

System Designers                                                1982 – 1983   

Senior Systems Engineer

Ministry of Defence (UK)                                       1978 to 1982  

Senior Psychologist


Qualifications and Affiliations


§  Bachelor of Science (BSc Hon, Psychology)

§  Master of Science (MSc Applied Psychology)

§  Chartered Engineer & European Engineer (Information Systems)

§  Certificate of Proficiency in SSADM (business analysis methodology)

§  Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) retired

§  Information Technology Certified Professional

§  Member British Computer Society (lapsed)

§  Member New Zealand Institute of IT Professionals (and business mentor)